Monday, June 19, 2006


I finished my mom's socks! I just need to take a picture and then send them off to her. I should also send the scarf I made for my sister last winter. I just need to get ahold of a digital camera. McKay has one, so probably pictures tomorrow or the day after!

Also, because the socks are done, I've moved the at bat, on deck, and in the holes up. The new In the Hole is Magknits' Techguy socks for McKay. These might have to be in the hole for a while, though, because I can't start them until after we're married because of The Curse.

Also, rumor has it that there's a yarn store on Center Street; I'll have to look into that one.

And finally, I need to make something up for Natalie, my German pen-pal. I thought it would be nice to send her something I made, but I'm in America and German styles are beyond me.

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