Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The sidebar

Here is just an explanation of my side bar:
I will have 3 projects listed: the one I am currently working on and the next two that I plan to do and their links (if I found the pattern online).
Today's Up at Bat is a pattern for socks. It's the first sock pattern I've ever done and I've found it very easy to follow. The socks are blue and are for my mom. When I have them finished (in the next few days), I'll post a picture.
Today's On Deck is a pattern for little slippers. I plan on that pattern or this pattern for slippers that I can wear in the temple in August. Of course, mine will be in white.
And then In the Hole we have a pattern called Layers. I'm modifying it for a simple sweater vest without the sleaves or collar. Really, I just liked the stripe pattern.

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