Thursday, September 28, 2006

out of necessity

So here we are, newly weds. We don't own anything but 2 crock pots, 5 toasters, and a studio apartment. And our kitchen was RIDICULOUS. We didn't own any washcloths for wiping down the table or counters. So, I came up with a solution: I could knit them!

Ok. The pics aren't up yet, but I'll post the pattern and add the pics later. I used a 100% cotton that I bought a spool of at the thrift store for $2. I don't know the specifics and such, but I do know it was your basic 4 ply worsted weight cotton. It reminded me of Peaches n Cream.

So the pattern. Actually, this was kind of the first pattern I ever knitted when I was first learning. I don't have that pattern, as I lost it, but I made something up that is pretty darn close. It took me about 30-60 minutes to do it (the knitting, not the making up of the pattern). Here it goes:

US Size 7 needles.
100% cotton worsted weight
4.25 sts per inch, 8.25 rows per inch in garter stitch

CO 4
Row 1: K1, YO, K to end
Repeat this row until there are 40 stitches on your needle.
First decreasing row: K2tog, YO, K2tog, K to end.
Repeat this until there are 4 stitches on your needle.
Bind off.

It's really simple. It was great to learn on this instead of your basic garter stitch scarf. It's slightly more "fancy."


Ok! Sorry about the extreme lateness, but here are the pics for the slippers and the scarf.

I know I have to cut off that little end on the non-wearing one. I put it in that position because my roommate from the summer said it looked like a duck head. She's probably right. Anyway, the pattern for these is here. I didn't embellish them yet. I might, instead of the red in the pattern, use a white ribbon and make the edge nice, if I do, I'll post that picture, but it'll be a while.

The scarf was made of leftover yarn from when I made my mom a moebius scarf. I used this pattern. The picture looks really greenish, but it's really more of a blue. I liked the unique design of the scarf. And it was quick and fun to make.

Right now, I've got two projects in the works. I'm making the TechGuy socks for McKay with the apple logo on the side. They'll be black with a white apple on them. I'm also working on some legwarmers. I couldn't find a pattern I liked, so I'm making them up. If they look good, I'll post them and my pattern when they're finished. I bought the yarn from Community Thrift. There was a bag fun of yarn for $5 and all of the colors were very fallish and worked well together, so I decided that they'd make good legwarmers, and maybe a scarf if there's left over. We'll see. I'm still working on the sweater vest, but it's on the back burner. These socks and legwarmers are first.