Thursday, January 25, 2007

Problem Solved

Ok. I'll admit it. It was stupid of me to overlook it.

My history of knitting:
When I was 12 I learned to knit the washcloth pattern that put on this site. All I was taught was how to cast on, knit, and do yarn overs and knitting two together. That's it.
After that, I bought a book and taught the rest to myself.
"So what's the problem, Top Hat?" you ask.
The problem is that my book never mentioned intarsia knitting for 2 colors. It had stranding, but not intarsia.
As you see, that is going to pose a problem or two as I try to knit more difficult things.
And it did.

But now I can finish my brother's scarf and my sweater vest. Woohoo!

And I feel like a terrible fiend not knowing intarsia before now. Alas!

New technique project for my self: learning to continental knit.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So I was working on my brother's scarf for Christmas, and I still do not have it done. I need to make time to run down to the yarn store and see if anyone can help me with my problem.

I've also started making McKay's Linux scarf. It's been dreadfully cold here (and we have only turned the heater on three times this year: once when McKay was sick, once when we had someone coming over, and once when McKay was just being cold). I, myself, need a new hat. These are all on my list, as soon as I get ahead in school (which shouldn't be too hard, as I am not yet behind).