Thursday, January 25, 2007

Problem Solved

Ok. I'll admit it. It was stupid of me to overlook it.

My history of knitting:
When I was 12 I learned to knit the washcloth pattern that put on this site. All I was taught was how to cast on, knit, and do yarn overs and knitting two together. That's it.
After that, I bought a book and taught the rest to myself.
"So what's the problem, Top Hat?" you ask.
The problem is that my book never mentioned intarsia knitting for 2 colors. It had stranding, but not intarsia.
As you see, that is going to pose a problem or two as I try to knit more difficult things.
And it did.

But now I can finish my brother's scarf and my sweater vest. Woohoo!

And I feel like a terrible fiend not knowing intarsia before now. Alas!

New technique project for my self: learning to continental knit.

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