Monday, February 26, 2007

Annoying habits

I hope this is common. I have the annoying habit of frogging my project about 5 times before I get it really started, but once it's started in about 7 rows, I'll leave it alone. When the pattern came in for Flore Friday, I was knitting and frogging all night. It's now good, and I'll leave it alone, but it was FRUSTRATING. Maybe I'm a perfectionist, maybe I'm picky about my tension and adjusting to the pattern. I don't know. I'd be more comfortable with it if I knew the habits of other knitters, but I'm a fairly solitary knitter (I taught myself and I'd be awful embarrassed to reveal my bad habits to others, especially if I didn't even know it was a bad habit.)
The worst thing about Friday night was that our neighbors were over and Scott is knowledgeable in the knitting art. He doesn't knit much himself, but his mother and sisters are dyed in the wool (literally). I remember his first question about my knitting, "Continental or English?" And when I showed him my continental knitting style Friday he questioned how I was throwing the yarn over my fingers. I felt like a loon starting the project over 3 times in front of him. I apologized, but he claims he's seen it many times (frogging and "de-frogging?"). I'll take his word on it that I'm not alone.

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