Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby Papaya

Here is Flore. Kiara had her baby this morning, so she'll get this pretty soon.

This is a papaya. McKay bought it at the grocery store because it was on sale. I've never had papaya before, so it's going to be interesting. (At least I have taught him to buy produce!)


Summers Camp said...

Why, aren't you the clever one?! Such wit, such talent! Seriously, I want one of those for my baby girl... or for myself! It is beautiful, absolutely perfect! LOVE IT!

Ok, again, seriously. I want one, and like I said a while back, I want one with love in every stitch!

And did you ever finish your pi quilt? I'm curious to see some final pics on that, too.

Man, all I do is ask, ask, ask... but I'm not so sure I could just answer, answer, answer either. Oh, and enjoy the exotic fruit!

Zuleika said...

That is sooo cute!! I'm sure the papaya thinks so too. :-)

crissy said...

i agree its really very cute