Monday, March 05, 2007

Service Project

So the High Priests group did a service project on Saturday. I showed up and there was only one sewing machine to sew a few hundred blankets. So I walked home and trudged mine up to church. Pretty much I sewed the whole time (I'm very protective of my machine and was worried about other people touching it), although there was a small little corner of people knitting. Actually, it wasn't really knitting. Well, it was. I've never used one of those circular frames with the knobs on them to make hats and no one knew how to start one (until Marva showed up). As noon approached, I packed up my machine and went to go see how they were doing it. It's rather simple. Anyway for some reason, whenever I meet another knitter, inevitably I'll be asked how I knit. And for the first time ever, I could honestly say continental (I've been doing Flore in continental). For some reason, you gain more respect doing continental. In the end, Marva invited me to knit with her and some other people twice a month. I'm very excited, because this will be my first break out into the world of communal knitting!

Here is Flore. I have the next color on my other needles.


get stitchy! said...

Congratulations! You're on get stitchy!

Thanks so much for submitting your blog.

Summers Camp said...

Heather, I love, love, love (times infinity, or should I say, infiknity?) this little hat you're knitting! Could I place a presumptuous request that if/when I have a baby girl, I -I mean, she- might get one, too? With love in every stitch? :P

Also, I am going to get a picture of my headband to you, sooner or later, I swear, by the head of my hair (as that is where it mostly frequents...)!

Annnnnnnd... I'm thinking about starting to knit. *gasp* Seriously though, where the heck do I start? What do I need to know and all that jazz (best starting needle size, etc.)? Also, have you ever heard of, or know how to, make(ing) these fun little friends?:



Jofrog said...

I'm so glad that my Flore could inspire yours! It's super cute on, and we get more comments on that hat than on any other knit Kaya wears.

Happy Knitting!