Monday, April 02, 2007

April Showers Knit Along

So I've decided to join the April showers Knit Along, and McKay's already beat me in progress. For this, I'm going to attempt to make a Loofah. I just need the yarn. And buying that yarn doesn't count in my knit from my stash because it's a useful item and having the yarn on hand means I can make more loofahs as I need them. Or really as McKay needs them. He is really rough on his loofahs.

Anyway, during conference yesterday, I was making Jared's scarf. We listened to conference because we live on the first floor of a cinder block building (it's almost split level, where our apartment is halfway in the ground) and so we don't get a lot of reception for our antenna. For the same reason, our wireless internet is pretty unstable. So we decided to go the radio route. Well, the FM also had issues getting signals, so we did AM. I felt so old school, knitting whilst listening to the radio. Anyway, since we weren't watching it, McKay was just sitting there, well, sitting there, so he got my cotton yarn and held it out to me, which I took as an attempt to ask me to teach him to knit. So I did. And I taught him to do a granny square washcloth. So he's already all upons this KAL. In fact, we have a picture of it! (see above)

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