Thursday, April 05, 2007

Something Exciting in the Gifting Realm

First exciting thing: I'm almost done with back Jared's scarf. I spent 2 more hours on it last night and I have just a little more to do. Another hour and a half should finish that off.

Second exciting thing: Rubyscarab, the girl I tutor gave me an Easter present consisting of a yarn/project organizer, 3 skeins of yarn (it's been a while since I've had novelty yarn), size 4 double pointed needle set, and some stuffing (you know, for pillows/teddy bears). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the stuffing, but I've got some ideas for the other stuff.

Finishing up Jared's project, I've been looking for some projects to use up my stash and this is what I've come up with:

Blue yarn leftover from my mom's socks last year: Fetching (or varient).
Thrift store yarn: After I finish the legwarmers, I may make a matching hat or bag.
Green from Jared's scarf: In all honesty, I have no idea and I have a skein and a half! I can probably come up with some use for the black, though.
Leaf green from Hersshy's scarf/hat. I made a scarf and hat for my roommate last year who was from Mexico. She needed to be warm. I have a good amount of this, so I think I'll make Mrs. Beeton for Rubyscarab as a thanks.
You'll notices the "Nerdy Sweater Vest" is now on my projects list. I bought the yarn for that last year, and now that I have learned Intarsia, I can do it. Every once and a while, you need a project for your self.

Projects for which I have no yarn yet:
Bonbon for the April Showers KAL.
Clessidra for Melissa who'll be going to Siberia and will need knee-high socks.
I'm also considering making Beth some pink/black striped leg warmers. I even know exactly how I want to make them, too. Tee hee!
I'm going to make my grandad a scarf for the winter. He lives in the Appalacians, so I think he deserves something warm.
Also, every Christmas, we are scheduled one of McKay's sibling's families gifts. Last Christmas we got Sam and Melinda and family Apples to Apples, which is a supreme game, but I think I want to knit things (and since McKay can knit now, it really will be a gift from both of us). This year we have Nicki (sp?) and Chad and family. My plans for Nicki involve lacanau. They live in Arizona, so I can't do very warm things. Eventually, I'll need plans for all their kids, too. I forget the ages/genders of her kids, but I hope someone is the right age so I can make Modello Giuditta.
Speaking of kids, I should make something for Nate and Laura's son, Sam. I found the perfect pattern for Magei, though: Reid.
So many plans. And the summer means one class at a time and I can schedule my own work hours. Finals in 2-1/2 weeks!


Summers Camp said...

Are you for reals?

Top Hat said...

Of course I'm for reals. But which part are you questioning?