Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Last night, the Enrichment activity was quilting. I don't really quilt, but the email they sent out about it said, after listing off the quilting activities (making a block, tieing quilts for humanitarian aid), "Or...just bring something you're working on and enjoy the company while finishing a project."
"Well", I thought to myself, "I could tie quilts....or KNIT!" Knitting definately fell under the Something I'm Working On category. So I showed up. I got a little more done with Clessidra, but the going's slow.
About half an hour into the activity, I was asked, "So are you going to quilt at all?" Me, quilt? I'll admit I've done it before, but I already have a pretty expensive hobby. I do NOT need two. I made up some excuse about how I'm deathly afraid of fabric and if I quilted, our little studio apartment would be swallowed whole by the quilt stand. It's true. Especially that part about fabric. Actually, I'm just afraid of the costs of the materials to get started, and I have no idea where I'd keep all that.
So anyway, I'm going to stick to knitting: something I can sit in my lap and do. One expensive hobby at a time...

Meanwhile, I spent a large part of the day re-designing this blog. I have the idea, now I just need to figure how how to get it on the computer. I got really frustrated with the Gimp yesterday.


QueenMeadow said...

I actually tried quilting before I took up knitting. So expensive and huge! Yeah, I know you can make little wall hangings but thats not my style.

I do love how they look but love portable crafts even more.

Summers Camp said...

Just hang in there with the GIMP! You can always ask me, remember??? Although, I'm sure you could figure it out yourself just as easily and/or just as well! :)

And I love cross-stitching. Of ALL the things I do, nothing is more relaxing and rewarding than cross-stitching. Too bad all the patterns are uuuuugly...