Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So I went to the yarn store and splurged on some yarn for a hat they had on display (finally, a project for myself!). I was afraid that I'd be in big trouble for not knitting from my stash, but then McKay said, "You know, I've knit hats before." Ok. Fine. 1 beret doesn't mean "hats." but he offered to knit that hat up for me! Aww... And so I'm not guilty of buying that yarn for myself! I bought that yarn for McKay, who isn't bound to knit from his stash, as, well, he doesn't have a stash.

In the sock realm, while McKay and I were watching the Bourne Identity, I was making SO MUCH progress. The pattern was fairly simple: decrease, knit in pattern 11 rounds, decrease, knit in pattern 11 rounds, decrease. So I was doing that, and after going around my 11 rounds, I flip to the next sheet of pattern, and it says "knit in pattern 5 rounds." What!? I just did my 11 rounds like the 5 sets before hand, and because I was in a groove. Now I have to frog out 6 rounds to get those 5! And the pattern is really cable-y and I'm going to have to go stitch by stitch so I don't drop any!

Thursday we're leaving for a road trip. We'll be gone until Sunday (coming back probably late Sunday night).


QueenMeadow said...

Yay for having a husband to knit stuff for you, and that you can buy yarn for and not break your stash promise ;)

Sorry about the socks, that sucks!

Have fun on the trip :)

McKay said...

You forgot to mention how you found a few mistakes on the rows you undid. So all was not lost.

NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm sitting here watching the Borne Identity, too!

Not knitting, though... playing on the internet despite a slowwwww internet connection at the rental house. sigh.