Monday, July 23, 2007


So I've finished the leg warmers in red for Beth a week ago, but because I have to mooch the camera cable from McKay's work, the picture is a little late.

When the stretch out on my legs, you can't see the wavy-ness as much, but if they were looser to the point where the wavy-ness would stay distinct, they would fall right off! As it is, they like to slide down a bit. Maybe I'll add a ribbon to the tops to keep them up, weaved in and out of the waves.

If you want to know how to make them, I'll tell you. It was VERY simple.
I used Encore Colorspun Worsted in color 7131, which is a 75% Acrylic, 25% Wool worsted yarn, very quick to knit up. It took only one and a half skeins. I think I'll use the leftover for one of the colors of the Baby's First DNA strand when I get to that project this fall.

Ok, so my pattern:
Cast on 66 stitches on size 7 double pointed needles. Distribute as evenly as you can. I distributed as 16, 17, 16, 17 sts. on needles 1 through 4, respectively. I then followed the pattern for Wavy. If 66 stitches is too much/little for you, make sure you cast on a multiple of 6 stitches. Yep. So just follow the pattern for Wavy until it's long enough. It was long enough for me once I finished 2 sets of the 44 row + 2 rows of row 1, making it to be 90 rows (2 x 44 + 2). I then just casted off and called it a leg warmer. If you're taller/shorter, stop when you feel is best. Very simple. If I add a ribbon, I'll repost a pic of it just in case you wanted to see it.

I'll post the gauge later. I didn't really worry about it while I did the knitting (they're just leg warmers), but I know some people like to know, so I'll post it once I get a good look at it.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Those look like a lot of fun, you did a good job of being creative with your pattern! I've been wanting to make that wavy scarf, too. It would be a cute winter gift set!

The_Add_Knitter said...

Love the leg warmers, so awesomely retro!!