Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby things

First, a couple of pictures of things I've had around for a while now, but couldn't post because I hadn't made the announcement.

A baby hat! I put a 3x5 inch index card in the picture so you can get an idea of the size. The fleece in the background is from a blanket that my mom made me for my graduation last month. I really like it. So soft...

I used the yarn that Life as a Mama gave me in a swap. I've had some people say the hat is huge, but I'm not worried about that since I'm under the impression that most babies are mostly head anyway. It'll be March (which means winter in Utah) so the hat'll be nice and warm. And if it's a girl, I'll add ruffles. Maybe like these (ignore the creepy look the model has). I'm not sure yet. It'll be cute, but what isn't cute on a baby?

And a couple of booteis out of the same yarn. Now these are the items that I think are too big. Oh well. What can you do? At least it'll have warm feet.

And of course, I have yarn remaining of that skein. What else to make?

Also, since we are in Babyland right now, I like the Flower Power hat in the new Knitty. It's so hard to find patterns for baby boys. Girls are so easy. I'm hoping for a girl since I can knit her cuter things, but I need to have a stock of boy patterns just in case. Flower Power could easily be either gender depending on which yarn you choose.

In the land of babies, but not my own, I've chosen the baby shower announcements for Carolyn.

Here's the front:
You can see the back here. I found it here.

And something I saw on another blog and baby related.

Ok. I think I'm done with my baby fix. I was just excited to tell you all and get to show my baby-related items off.

Meanwhile, back to cleaning the house and then knitting (I have today off!)


heather said...

at least the baby can always grow into them if they're too big! if you fold up the hat brim, it can fit a smaller head too. i love those baby wigs, especially the rasta.

NH Knitting Mama said...

You need to put a disclaimer about the possibility of spitting coffee all over the computer screen if you're going to put links like Baby Toupee on here. Holy crap that was hysterical!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the shower invitation! Hope I get one!


Summers Camp said...

I just LOVE Anne Taintor...