Friday, September 07, 2007

New Job, New Knitting Time

So with my new job, I have my afternoons and evenings free. Details about the job are here. So yesterday, I knit 4 projects at once (and finished none of them). I decided to pull out some of my stash and start knitting, and since I don't have a pressing project, I decided to just do all of them (or 4 of them). I had my iPod going and everytime a new song started, I switched needles. It wasn't effective at finishing more than a couple of lines (depending on the project), but it was effective at keeping me alert. I had yarn strewn all around me. McKay's reaction was on the lines of, "HOW MANY projects are you doing?"

Projects on the couch and needles right now:
  1. Christmas Service gift for McKay's dad part something. I forgot what part I'm on. The yarn is not my favorite and I'd never make it for myself or anyone I personally know. I know my audience, though and it's appropriate yarn for them. But OH! What a pain to work with. I'll NEVER use it for myself EVER.
  2. Barf Scarf. Another yarn I can't stand (this is why switching projects is good: I get to work on awful projects while working on ones I enjoy at the same time). The colors are gross and the yarn is gross (it's a novelty one), but I love the pattern. I'll be using this pattern again. But I don't want to give scarf to anyone I know. I think I'll sell it on ebay.
  3. Baby Bootie. I already made the matching hat and the bootie's mate, but I haven't been able to mention it on this blog until the official announcement of my pregnancy. You'll see pictures of them when I'm done. I'm using the yarn that Lifeasamama sent me in a swap. It's baby blue. If we have a boy, it'll be perfect. If it's a girl, I'll add ruffles to the hat later. It's not like babies actually have genders. People guess genders based on colors, not on any real gender-defining characteristics.
  4. McKay's Linux scarf. It's been in my queue on the side of this page for a while, but it needs to be knit REALLY tight. I'm already using worsted on size 5 needles to make it tighter, and I'm knitting as tight as I can, but it's slow going. VERY SLOW going.
And my goal today: take McKay to the yarn store to pick out yarn for our brother-in-law's socks for Christmas. I want a man's opinion here. We'll probably buy the yarn for Modello Guiditta for Courtney, our niece. I need a good pattern for a little baby boy (abt. 6 months) item for our nephew. Unfortunately they live in Arizona, so it can't be too warm.

There's a wool sale at the LYS! And since I get their monthly newsletter in the mail, I can go in and pick up a free pattern book since they're trying to clear out their stock for next year's books. I'm excited!

Oh, and a side note, the conversation referred to in the video in the previous post was word for word real. It took place last March.
Me: Do you want to have a baby?
McKay: No! I can't! I want a cookie! A chocolate chip cookie!

So I let that subject drop for a while (hence I didn't get pregnant for a few months after it). Men are weird. Cookies!


QueenMeadow said...

Cookie, ha!

Maybe make a cute toy for your 6 mo nephew? I've seem some adorable ones and my oldest son loves stuffed animals even now (he's 7).

heather said...

i found your blog a few days ago through a comment you posted on the clessidra know how internet threads go, you start out looking at sock yarn and end up posting on someone's blog.
hope you don't mind the suggestion for your nephew. has some cool patterns ( and ( for baby pants. they look awesome but haven't found anyone to knit them for myself yet. and knit in cotton so they're not too warm for AZ!

Summers Camp said...

I had NO idea that convo was for reals. Silly McKay...

NH Knitting Mama said...

You'll have to post pics of your WIPs.

Glad you're keeping yourself busy!