Sunday, September 30, 2007


Wow. So I got an invitation into Ravelry. As I learn more about it, it becomes SO MUCH COOLER.
I can organize my stash! Online! Wherever I am! If I'm in Siberia, I could whip out my Ravelry account and know how much yarn I have sitting at home. Cool. Features.

Oh. And my Ravelry page.

And I'm almost done with the first sock for Chad due to this new concept: knitting in church. I knit in church last week (ok, not at our local church, at one in Spanish Fork, so no one knew who I was; we were there for a baby blessing). And I knit during the General Relief Society Meeting last night when I went up to Salt Lake. I actually saw it in person in the Conference Center. That's right I'm cool. :) And then, I knit during sacrament meeting this morning and all I have left on that sock is to kitchener the top of the toe closed.

News in other realms: it snowed yesterday. It's melted down here, but you can see the snow up on the mountains. Father Winter isn't going to let us off easy this time.

And now, back to categorizing my stash. SO MUCH FUN!


Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! Knitting in church! I'm so proud of you! Doesn't it make it easier to pay attention when your hands are busy?

- Audrey

heather said...

i have to agree with audrey - i knit something easy in church and listen better. otherwise i start bothering whoever i'm sitting with.
i'm sooo jealous you're in ravelry already. my number's so low now, at the speed they're going i should be in by tomorrow!!

kasiaiscarly said...

Ravelry is quite a fun distraction :) I stumbled on your blog there and thought I'd say hello!

QueenMeadow said...

I need to convince my hubby that knitting at church is a good thing! I listen so much better when I have something keeping my hands busy.

I'm still taking pictures of my stash, I guess I should load up my projects on there. Ravelry is so much fun, definitely worth the wait!