Monday, September 03, 2007

socks and a bag

Here's my Mandy's Candy Bag. The post is late because we have no Internet (I'm mooching BYU's wireless right now). I think the colorway is much better as a bag than as a washcloth. I can't say what the color is called as I bought the yarn from a thrift store. That spool is really giving me it's $1 worth! I told McKay that the red and green and yellow remind me of Mexico. "I'm knitting Cinco de Mayo!" Now I just need to find a use for it! 

And here's my crappy pictures of Clessidra. I took them myself since McKay was at work, so they aren't very artsy or well done at all.

Oh man. Check it out! I pulled up my capris so you could see them. That's pretty hot, I know.
So now the goal is to do Nicki's family's presents. I don't have the yarn for any of them so I've been working on some stash. Some UGLY stash. The yarn was a gift and looks... "ok" in the skein, so I was curious if it'd look better knitted up. Well, you know curiosity killed the cat, and what I have is a dead cat-looking thing. It's a scarf that I lovingly call the "barf scarf." I guess I could give it to charity, but the poor child who gets that thing! Someone somewhere must like it, I guess. Maybe I'll try ebay once it's done.

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NH Knitting Mama said...

Nice candy bag! Unfortunately, I already pulled the winner. Dyeing the yarn for her now!