Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday again!

Welcome to WIP Wednesday!

I actually got a lot done this past week because of General Conference. Want 8-10 free hours in a weekend to just sit and knit while listening to great talks? General Conference is your ticket, my friend.

First up is a finished sock (minus duplicate stitched soccerball) and the beginning of its mate. There was a request for the yarn type. These socks are done in Plymouth's Dreambaby DK. It's 50% acrylic microfiber and 50% nylon. I chose the yarn because it's lighter than the 100% wool version I made for McKay and the recipient lives in Arizona. I also know that it's going to a home with 4 children and having special washing instructions for socks won't be very feasible. Acrylic is easy to wash.

Next up is everyone's favorite: Barf Scarf! It's halfway done. It needs one more skein to be "complete."

And because you want to see it up close, I made sure I got a picture of that, too.

Last is Lacanau. This is not put together yet (obviously) and the other sandal's pieces are also complete, but you only need to see one to get the picture. We just laid the two pieces on top of each other so you can get the idea.
And that's our door in the background with the Chicago flag in it. We live halfway under the ground.

I don't work the rest of the week due to Fall break at the elementary school I work at. This means Thursday and Friday are devoted to cleaning the house and then, if there's extra time, knitting. I need to finish the blue socks because I need the needles for the baby shower gift for C. Duede.

Speaking of the Duedes, they called last night and S's parents are in town. S's mom is monkeymom, and since we both knit, she brought me the items she's been working on. She is a FAST knitter (but she did have a 24 hour drive on the way here from Illinois). It was fun. C called and said, "My mother-in-law wants to meet you." I said sure, and in 5 minutes time, we had people over. Oh fun. The Duede's are our favorite married friends. They got engaged a couple of weeks before we did and married 2 months before us, plus both C and I are pregnant (she's due in December and I'm in March). So we have lots in common. It's just a strange relationship. Last Saturday C and I were talking (while our husbands were at priesthood session of Conference) about how it could have been the other way around: me with S and she with McKay. We both admitted to considering dating each other's significant others (before the sig. others were significant others). Yeah. That would have been...interesting.

I'm so glad I got the good end of that deal. McKay is way better for me than S. Plus S thought I was a lesbian at first, so I guess he probably would have never asked me out.

For the record, I'm straight. I guess I just have that...vibe? Oh well. Now I give off pregnant knitting tree-hugger vibe!

ANYWAY, if you want to see before and after shots of the fall cleaning, look on the bee in your bonnet later this week.


NH Knitting Mama said...

Glad you're having fun with your friends. Fun post! BARF SCARF - ha ha...

QueenMeadow said...

The barf scarf looks, um...great ;).

Those socks look nice and light, maybe I'll try some of that yarn for my hot footed hunny.