Monday, November 05, 2007

Really Crappy Pictures Day

Yes, I have been knitting. Yes I have pictures, but they're pretty pathetic.

This week is going to be "finish off those darn projects week!"

Projects to finish: Courtney's cape, Nicki's sandals, Chad's socks. All of these need weaving in of ends, addition of buttons/embroidery/duplicate stitch, blocking, and just plain finishing.

Here's teh cape

Besides the obvious ends, you'll notice my knees and McKay's hands are holding down the curling edge. I'm not a fan of blocking, so I'm going to try the ironing route. And it needs a button.

Nicki's Sandals:
I crocheted the pieces together, but the ends still need weaving and they need leather soles sewn on the bottom.

Those two projects (cape + sandals) were my first "finishing with crochet" projects. I've never crocheted before; it wasn't hard, but I prefer knitting.

And a red blob.
That's the beautiful yarn from this post. I'm not sure the best way to knit off these sorts of skeins, so I just lay it out in a circle. If you know of a better way (that isn't time consuming), let me know. The knitted blob in the middle is an experiment in my designing ability. I'm using a lace stitch from a book I have and we'll see what it ends up as.

So yes, I have been knitting. I have also been working and actually doing the dishes (imagine that!)

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the boogeyman's wife said...

the cape looks nice!
with hanks i usually open them up and hand wind them into balls before knitting anything.