Friday, August 31, 2007


I may disappear this weekend. The neighbors that we get the wireless Internet from have decided this past week that they're going to move THIS WEEKEND!

So please excuse my dear Aunt Sally, and my sudden, inexplicable absence. I may use public computers tomorrow...

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Wow. I just spent 2 and a half days STRAIGHT knitting the second Clessidra sock for Melissa, or as she is currently known, Sister Mitchell. I just got back from the post office. I really really really hope it gets to her before she ends up in Siberia. She's supposed to leave Monday and the package should get there by Saturday, but you know how packages are... Oh please! Let her get it!

I took some crappy pictures of the Clessidra. McKay was at work and I had to rush it to the post office, so it was 2 quick snapshots and then out the door for me. This means the pictures were taken by me while I was also modeling the socks, so they're going to be crappy pictures. Just so you know.

My pinky hurts! From all that knitting, my left hand really took a beating! I don't know why but the fingers hurt most were my ring and pinky fingers on my left hand. Especially the pinky. It's kind of red and sore on one side. It must be the way I hold the needles and since I taught myself continental, I probably picked up some bad habit that hurts my pinky.

But will I let that stop me from knitting? No. Now I'm off to try this bag for a contest that ends Monday.

pics up tonight or tomorrow.

Friday, August 24, 2007

the countdown

So, I know there's been decreasing readership, but that's due to decreasing writership. I graduated last week from BYU with a BS in Math! And now I'm on the job hunt. Earlier this week, I did my first day of substitute teaching (and got some knitting done during my non-teaching hours!) I promise that I'll pick up the pace on this blog. I need to re-design it, and I have great ideas (and hopefully html skills to match).

The countdown:
I have LESS THAN A WEEK to finish Clessidra and send it to Melissa before she is sent to Siberia! Alas! She's in Houston right now, so I'll have to send it by Wednesday at the latest (or do some quick over-nighting) to get it to her before she takes off on September 3rd!

I promise pics by the end of next week on Clessidra.

Knitting Goals this Fall:
  • Nicki's family's Christmas presents. McKay promised to help me knit these (what a good husband!).
  • I would like to do this bag with our last bit of Peaches n Cream when I finish Clessidra. I also want to get in on that contest!
  • Over holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas) I want to get in on the kool aid dying action. It's like every knitting blogger is in on the deal! Bandwagon, here I come!
  • And I'm sure everyone else has been on the PIF loop, but I'm jumping on, I think. If I get an email...
  • Do some knitting for myself! McKay asked me if I was going to buy yarn for myself. He thought Clessidra was really nice and I should make a pair for myself.
  • Also, another interesting surprise, I'll tell you all later!
So because I'm boring and not funny, I'll direct you to two great sites. If you can get past some language on that first one, you'll find it hilarious. Have fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Here Be Monsters

It's scary on the edge of the world.
So I haven't been online in a while...
I'm graduating Thursday with my Bachelor of Science degree and I've been looking for a job, so I've been kind of busy (and sadly, not knitting). This will all change tonight!

McKay is bringing home these movies from work of computer science conferences.
So I'm going to knit while he makes me watch those. I have to finish my second Clessidra sock in the next two weeks or Melissa will go to Siberia with cold legs and I can't let that happen!