Sunday, September 30, 2007


Wow. So I got an invitation into Ravelry. As I learn more about it, it becomes SO MUCH COOLER.
I can organize my stash! Online! Wherever I am! If I'm in Siberia, I could whip out my Ravelry account and know how much yarn I have sitting at home. Cool. Features.

Oh. And my Ravelry page.

And I'm almost done with the first sock for Chad due to this new concept: knitting in church. I knit in church last week (ok, not at our local church, at one in Spanish Fork, so no one knew who I was; we were there for a baby blessing). And I knit during the General Relief Society Meeting last night when I went up to Salt Lake. I actually saw it in person in the Conference Center. That's right I'm cool. :) And then, I knit during sacrament meeting this morning and all I have left on that sock is to kitchener the top of the toe closed.

News in other realms: it snowed yesterday. It's melted down here, but you can see the snow up on the mountains. Father Winter isn't going to let us off easy this time.

And now, back to categorizing my stash. SO MUCH FUN!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


So I promised these pictures earlier, but Sunday was very stormy and the lighting wasn't very good.
Monday I had a migraine (and it was still rainy). By migraine I mean: loss of peripheral vision in my right eye for 45 minutes, right hand gone numb and the right side of my tongue went numb. Now the tongue and the hand thing were new migraine issues for me, but supposedly they're pretty typical migraine issues. Anyway, I was NOT in the mood to be out of my bed once I got home from work.
And then Tuesday and Wednesday I was in pain because I slept funny Monday night. I'm actually still in a little pain from that, but it's ignorable now.

So here they are!

So this is the fabric I'm going to use for the baby sling (when I get around to it).

And here's the yarn I got last week from ebay. You'll notice how I couldn't wait to start using it, so these skeins are somewhat...used. The one under the brown is supposed to be tinker-bellish green. I'm just really bad at photos.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Shameful Week's End

First the shame, and then the happy.

Even though Wednesday was spent traveling on planes and buses and I no longer have anything to do in the evenings BUT knit, I didn't finish as single project. And it's all my own fault, too, because I know that those socks could have been done (I have the pattern by heart) and that the barf scarf could have been done and.... oh! I just spent way too much time reading other people's blogs. I've only just turned the heel on the first sock. I'm such a failure.

But on the bright side, I got yarn in the mail today! It's raining outside, so the lighting is kind of bad for taking pics, but I'll get up pics once the rain stops. It's like Fall is reminding us that he's coming tomorrow. I also want to post a pic of the fabric that I'm going to make a baby sling from; it's gorgeous. And we'll see if I can't finish a sock tonight!

Oh right, the yarn that came in the mail is for Nicki's Lacanau. I also need to hurry up on that Christmas gift for McKay's dad. And all the other gifts I'm planning. Why aren't they all done yet? Because I'm a lazy bum.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Baby things

First, a couple of pictures of things I've had around for a while now, but couldn't post because I hadn't made the announcement.

A baby hat! I put a 3x5 inch index card in the picture so you can get an idea of the size. The fleece in the background is from a blanket that my mom made me for my graduation last month. I really like it. So soft...

I used the yarn that Life as a Mama gave me in a swap. I've had some people say the hat is huge, but I'm not worried about that since I'm under the impression that most babies are mostly head anyway. It'll be March (which means winter in Utah) so the hat'll be nice and warm. And if it's a girl, I'll add ruffles. Maybe like these (ignore the creepy look the model has). I'm not sure yet. It'll be cute, but what isn't cute on a baby?

And a couple of booteis out of the same yarn. Now these are the items that I think are too big. Oh well. What can you do? At least it'll have warm feet.

And of course, I have yarn remaining of that skein. What else to make?

Also, since we are in Babyland right now, I like the Flower Power hat in the new Knitty. It's so hard to find patterns for baby boys. Girls are so easy. I'm hoping for a girl since I can knit her cuter things, but I need to have a stock of boy patterns just in case. Flower Power could easily be either gender depending on which yarn you choose.

In the land of babies, but not my own, I've chosen the baby shower announcements for Carolyn.

Here's the front:
You can see the back here. I found it here.

And something I saw on another blog and baby related.

Ok. I think I'm done with my baby fix. I was just excited to tell you all and get to show my baby-related items off.

Meanwhile, back to cleaning the house and then knitting (I have today off!)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Do you see these pixels on your screen? Straight from my computer to yours! That's right! The Internet is up and running again!
I have the Internet at work, but the elementary school's system blocks any and all online journalling sites, so I haven't been able to read or post any blogs.

But here we are!
And since it's Wednesday, and since I know you love works in progress, here are a couple pictures of the current ventures.

This is the beginning of Chad's sock. I wanted to do a cool rib on it, but at the yarn store, McKay convinced me to choose blue and to duplicate stitch a soccer ball onto the sides. The blue is for Chad's favorite soccer team, which actually doesn't exist anymore. I'd still go with my original idea: manly yarn, manly ribbing, but McKay swears Chad will like it. I hope he likes royal blue. And as you see, throwing your knitting onto the morning glories outside your apartment complex makes it look better.

But what it DOES NOT make look better is the Barf Scarf.
"Oh, you know how attached I was to Fluffy, so sad she had to die. I thought that if we shaved her, removed her entrails, turned her entrails into yarn and dipped it in the fur, it'd make a fantastic fashion statement. And I'll always have her with me."
Actually the picture doesn't look that bad, but in real life that scarf is hideous. As I've said before, I'm only knitting it because the yarn was a gift and I don't want to just give the skeins to the thrift store... some poor fool might end up with Barf Mittens instead. The scarf is really the only way to go because I'm sure someone out there will buy it on Ebay.

So have a great Wednesday. I have to go update the Bonnet now and then read all of your guys' blogs since Friday. So much catching up!

Friday, September 07, 2007

New Job, New Knitting Time

So with my new job, I have my afternoons and evenings free. Details about the job are here. So yesterday, I knit 4 projects at once (and finished none of them). I decided to pull out some of my stash and start knitting, and since I don't have a pressing project, I decided to just do all of them (or 4 of them). I had my iPod going and everytime a new song started, I switched needles. It wasn't effective at finishing more than a couple of lines (depending on the project), but it was effective at keeping me alert. I had yarn strewn all around me. McKay's reaction was on the lines of, "HOW MANY projects are you doing?"

Projects on the couch and needles right now:
  1. Christmas Service gift for McKay's dad part something. I forgot what part I'm on. The yarn is not my favorite and I'd never make it for myself or anyone I personally know. I know my audience, though and it's appropriate yarn for them. But OH! What a pain to work with. I'll NEVER use it for myself EVER.
  2. Barf Scarf. Another yarn I can't stand (this is why switching projects is good: I get to work on awful projects while working on ones I enjoy at the same time). The colors are gross and the yarn is gross (it's a novelty one), but I love the pattern. I'll be using this pattern again. But I don't want to give scarf to anyone I know. I think I'll sell it on ebay.
  3. Baby Bootie. I already made the matching hat and the bootie's mate, but I haven't been able to mention it on this blog until the official announcement of my pregnancy. You'll see pictures of them when I'm done. I'm using the yarn that Lifeasamama sent me in a swap. It's baby blue. If we have a boy, it'll be perfect. If it's a girl, I'll add ruffles to the hat later. It's not like babies actually have genders. People guess genders based on colors, not on any real gender-defining characteristics.
  4. McKay's Linux scarf. It's been in my queue on the side of this page for a while, but it needs to be knit REALLY tight. I'm already using worsted on size 5 needles to make it tighter, and I'm knitting as tight as I can, but it's slow going. VERY SLOW going.
And my goal today: take McKay to the yarn store to pick out yarn for our brother-in-law's socks for Christmas. I want a man's opinion here. We'll probably buy the yarn for Modello Guiditta for Courtney, our niece. I need a good pattern for a little baby boy (abt. 6 months) item for our nephew. Unfortunately they live in Arizona, so it can't be too warm.

There's a wool sale at the LYS! And since I get their monthly newsletter in the mail, I can go in and pick up a free pattern book since they're trying to clear out their stock for next year's books. I'm excited!

Oh, and a side note, the conversation referred to in the video in the previous post was word for word real. It took place last March.
Me: Do you want to have a baby?
McKay: No! I can't! I want a cookie! A chocolate chip cookie!

So I let that subject drop for a while (hence I didn't get pregnant for a few months after it). Men are weird. Cookies!

Monday, September 03, 2007

An Announcement

Check this out!


A better quality one can be found here.

The cookie conversation "Do you want to have a baby?" "No. I can't. I want a cookie" etc. was a word for word actual conversation last March.

socks and a bag

Here's my Mandy's Candy Bag. The post is late because we have no Internet (I'm mooching BYU's wireless right now). I think the colorway is much better as a bag than as a washcloth. I can't say what the color is called as I bought the yarn from a thrift store. That spool is really giving me it's $1 worth! I told McKay that the red and green and yellow remind me of Mexico. "I'm knitting Cinco de Mayo!" Now I just need to find a use for it! 

And here's my crappy pictures of Clessidra. I took them myself since McKay was at work, so they aren't very artsy or well done at all.

Oh man. Check it out! I pulled up my capris so you could see them. That's pretty hot, I know.
So now the goal is to do Nicki's family's presents. I don't have the yarn for any of them so I've been working on some stash. Some UGLY stash. The yarn was a gift and looks... "ok" in the skein, so I was curious if it'd look better knitted up. Well, you know curiosity killed the cat, and what I have is a dead cat-looking thing. It's a scarf that I lovingly call the "barf scarf." I guess I could give it to charity, but the poor child who gets that thing! Someone somewhere must like it, I guess. Maybe I'll try ebay once it's done.