Sunday, December 30, 2007


So I've been home all week doing nothing but relaxing- why haven't I posted?

Well, the thought process goes a little like this:

Knit? Or blog? Knit? Blog?


So that's what I've been doing- mostly. Probably about half the time. Well, knitting and bouncing on my new birthing ball (or exercise ball or whatever).

I heard today that each FO should get its own post. I think I agree, but I don't feel like doing that today.

First, and most excitedly, I finished McKay's gloves! I told him to "pose." Here is his hand model pose.
Look at him unlock that door! Work it! Work it!

I also promised finished baby sock pictures with the ends weaved in:


And something I'm glad isn't following me into the New Year: Barf Scarf. I actually finished it- not because I like the yarn, mind you, but because I wanted to see it finished and out of here. It's not quite out of here though.

Oh oh! And then McKay and I went to the yarn store to use my gift card that I bought myself and then said was from McKay. There were a couple of sock yarns I wanted to try, and I've never made a pair of socks for myself, so I got those.

The first is Tofutsies.
It's very bright and fun, though you can't tell in this picture. I'm not sure if we need a new camera, better lighting in the house, or better places to take pictures in the house. Anyway, I had McKay pick out the color. His response to that was, "You don't have a favorite color!" I told him, "Then pick the one most like me." Hahaha. He was kind of cornered into that! Well, he chose the blue/green/yellow one because it's most "fun and vibrant." Yay! And it is.

I've actually started knitting with the Tofutsies. People on Ravelry said it splits some (and it does a little) and pools a lot. You can actually see here, from the manufacturer's page, that it does pool horribly, so I chose to try the Monkey Socks. I heard that the Monkey Socks pattern has magic anti-pooling abilities.

And so far, it does (I'm almost done with the heel flap):

The second sock yarn I bought was On Your Toes. McKay chose this color too, because it was the most eye catching there.

I wonder how it'll knit up...

Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend before Christmas

So I finished all the gifts last week, but we wrapped them all before I got a picture of them! Arg! Maybe Nicki will take pictures. The soccer socks for Chad came out way better than I expected and I wanted to show them off. The boys' capes were ok. I had sewing machine issues due to the thickness of the material.

I did remember to get a picture of Nicki's finished sandals.

Well, after all the gifting, I decided I needed to knit for myself, so I knit some baby socks from some stash yarn. I know, I know, it's actually for the baby and not me. I figure the baby couldn't care less and anything it actually wears is for my satisfaction, so they're for me.

We'll have some finished pics soon. I need to weave in ends and obviously finish that one sock.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


So I've been hearing a lot about the Hot Cocoa Swap.

And another swap has caught my eye: the Knitting Scavenger Hunt.

They both look so good, but swaps are costly...

I think I may give in to both, though.

Meanwhile, I'll be knitting and sewing. I work only 2.5 days this week! Hooray for Christmas Break!

I'm hoping this long weekend will mean lots of finishing of projects. I'll have all the Christmas gifts done before it starts (to get them out in the mail), so that means I can catch up on my others. And give some TLC to the sidebar on this blog. It needs updating.

Question, though... I have an idea for a swap I'd like to host. Does the host get to be IN the swap if they host it? Hmm... Because I'd sure like to.

Anyway that won't start until mid-end of January anyway; just whetting your appetite!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend of knitting

It snowed all day Saturday; it was so beautiful. Snow makes me want to knit, so I pretty much cleaned the house and knit all day Saturday. And then Saturday night, I recruited for the Utah Valley SnB. I knew of a couple of ladies in the ward who like to knit. One actually had originally got me going to another knitting group before they strangely disbanded, so I know that a knitting group would be good for her. Maybe we'll see them at Borders next month!

Fruits of my weekend labor:
These are the pieces to my DNA model for one of my visiting teachees. She had a baby a couple of weeks ago, so I figured, hey, what bioengineering major WOULDN'T want a DNA strand for her baby? I just have to piece it together. I know there are a lot of ends, but with toys, I don't mind that. Instead of weaving them in, I just stuff them in with the stuffing. :)

I've finished knitting Rick's scarf; it needs blocking, though. I'll probably get that done tonight and send it out this week.

And this is the beginning of McKay's gloves. There are ends to weave in on the inside of the finished one, but that's not so bad.

This week's goal: finish the Christmas presents for Nicki's family. And take more pictures of the pretty snow. And update my Ravelry page and the sidebar on this page.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SnB Tonight

So I was going to work on my brother's scarf during the SnB tonight because it'd be quick and easy to work on- no thinking. But I have recently discovered that one of my visiting teachees had her baby last week. I was thinking she wasn't due until Christmas, but I was obviously wrong. She was a genetics/biotechnology major in her undergrad years, so I figured she'd like a DNA strand, too. So that's what I'm going to be working on because I'm supposed to be bringing her dinner on Thursday. She had a little girl, so this DNA strand is going to be a little more feminine than the one I made for Carolyn.

I'll post pictures later.