Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby a Baby Questionaire

My questionaire answers for the Baby a Baby Swap.

1) What is your favorite yarn? Favorite colors? What is your least favorite?

I don't have a favorite. I buy what looks pretty in the yarn store. As for favorite colors, I typically buy the most eye-catching of the yarns there.

2) Knit, crochet, both?

I just knit and can do a single crochet chain.

3) How long have you been knitting/crocheting? Who taught you? Why did you want to learn?

I've been knitting for 10 years- I first learned at a youth church activity, but all I remembered from it was how to knit. I had to teach myself how to do the rest of it as I got better. I wanted to learn because I just like making things. It gave me something to do.

4) What is your favorite snack/sweet?

I like butterfingers. And pretty much anything chocolate. I am partial to sweet tarts, also.

5) What did you want to be when you grew up?

I went through phases: when I was in elementary school, I wanted to be a teacher. In junior high I wanted to be a geneticist. In high school I wanted to be an actuary. I currently want to write and be a public speaker.

6) What names would you NEVER consider for a baby?

Any past boyfriends' names. Any past girlfriends-of-my-husbands' names. And any past enemies' names. What? You can't imagine anyone not liking me? :)

7) What things did you, as a child, vow to never to do your children, but have since decided that you will.

Bedtimes, for sure. And the sugar-coated cereal thing. And my parents would take some of our Halloween candy as a tax- I'm pretty sure I like that idea.

8) What is your favorite thing about being a parent/expectant parent?

I really love being pregnant. It's not as rough as people made it out to be. And I really look forward to not having a job. I know being a mother will be hard work, but it's hard work that doesn't involve driving 4 miles away every day.


NH Knitting Mama said...

I love being a Mom, too. And I love pregnancy... was the happiest time of my life UNTIL I saw that little face staring up at me as he nursed. Then I knew that I would never be the same!

Anonymous said...

A geneticist and then an actuary? Good gravy! Where'd those come from?

ps: I love being a mom too - though I love my paycheck-job/non-mommy-work/outside-of-the-home (use your own PC term if you'd like, I won't be offended) job too.

And I'm curious, what's your due date? I, myself, am a March baby : )

SHS Pal said...

Oopsie! - I can see now that I've goofed a bit, I should have selected the "Nickname" option so you'd know that I'm your SHS Pal

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the ideas that your father and I had when you were growing up - sugar coated cereal for birthdays only, taxing Halloween candy, and bedtimes. For those of you who can't see Heather wanting to be all of those when she grew up, you should have seen her extract DNA strands from vegetables for her Junior High science fair project. Lots of fun watching you grow up Heather, glad to be your mom.