Monday, February 18, 2008

Stashing = Nesting? Maybe?

I designated this weekend as nesting weekend since it's a good three day weekend. But unless buying 8 more skeins of yarn and starting 3 more projects counts as nesting, I don't think it's working.

I got a package today from my Scavenger Hunt Swap Partner. It was filled with so many goodies. Immediately, I was thinking, "I can make this and this and this with all this yarn!" But I have other things in my queue. Want to see it?

This is what I call "knitting in the round." I lined up all my projects in a row, turned on the radio, and started knitting. Each time there was a song change, I finished the row I was on and then switched projects. I don't actually get a lot done this way, except that it breaks up the weaving in ends monotony. I weaved in ends on some socks, and a green hat I made a month ago, and another green hat:

This is the Linus hat. I think it's going in my etsy shop once I trim the pompom and get a nice picture.

I also finished up the fallopian tubes and assembled this:

Baby's second uterus (or in the case of a girl baby, I suppose it's a third uterus). Aww.

Things not pictured: a dog sweater. I'm almost done with it; I have some ribbing to do for the cuffs and that's it. I also started a scarf for my grandfather, my Baby A Baby Swap gift, and set aside yarn for another scarf for McKay.

I have a small pile of yarns and projects by my bed, and by "small" I mean not small at all!


kasiaiscarly said...

he he! i love the uterus. it was actually designed by a girl who used to live here in norfolk and ran the local SnB :)

Anonymous said...

We can't wait to see the dog sweater for Rocket. It's been below zero wind chill in the windy city of Chicago. Mom

Joe said...

Oooh my god, the next person to hand me boxes full of hand-me-downs so dirty you don't even want to touch them and full of animal hair and cigarette smoke and, my favorite, BOYS clothes while I'm expecting a girl, I think I will hit and blame it on pregnancy hormones :D:D haha

But seriously, I just got a massive headache and sneezing spell from going through boxes of clothes and toys with the said animal hair and cigarette smoke (yep, I tend to be allergic to cigarette smoke, and I although my parents have a cat I'm starting to think I may be slightly allergic since I tend to, well, sneeze when I go visit, hehe), and most of it were previous hand-me-downs as well... At some point, you just don't know where the stuff comes from anymore. Ugh. We made a To Give to Charity pile, a Not Salvageable pile, and now I'm washing all the blankets and clothes (most of the blankets are quite nice, though), and if they pass the sniffing test afterwards, we might keep them... but that's it :P No more! If someone has a list and says "here, see if you want anything and let me know", ok that's fine, but no more stacking everyone else's junk that they don't want anymore ;-)

Am I so weird is just wanting to shop and get my own stuff for my first born, especially if we have to budget for that, rather than wanting the whole family's 25 years worth of hand-me-downs because our daughter will be the first born our of my cousins? Please tell me I'm not alone :) lol

I think I'm going to have lots of fun writing that chapter :P

Working Mom Knits said...

SO glad yo like the package! Can't wait to see what comes of the yarn : )

ps: your version of knitting-in-the-round is GENIUS.

Leeduck said...

That sounds like a great way to nest. Much more fun than cleaning and the like. I may have to use your "knitting in the round" idea. What I usually do is get a grand urge to finish something so I start something new and quick. Not really the most effective.

I am having a blast knitting for your babyababy box and deciding what else to put in it. I can't wait until I can post pictures.

Are you planning on using cloth diapers, disposable or EC?