Thursday, March 27, 2008


PSA here.

Because of the off and on nature of my contractions, I haven't spent much time with my knitting. Sorry.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

When I was in high school, we always got Good Friday off. I think it may have been due to the large amount of Catholics in our town.

I tried to convince McKay to take today off, but he has a very important paper due, so he didn't.

So far what I've done today:
Gone to the chiropractor
Tidied up a little
Almost finished a little baby sweater.

Things I'd like to get done today:
Catch up on the dishes (there aren't that many)
Sew a sling
Sew some diapers
Finish that baby sweater
Finish the Baby a Baby Swap gift (almost done!)
Have a Baby

We'll see about that last one. I do have things going for me:
I feel great (yay chiro)!
I got lots of sleep!
It's a full moon tonight (if the moon can affect the tides, I'm sure it can affect my amniotic sac and hormones).
I've been having contractions for 2 weeks off and on, so my body's probably ready- or at least close.
I know I'm at least a couple/few centimeters dilated. I haven't bothered to check lately, though.
The baby's in a great position.
It's a weekend now.
I have a Bob Hope movie at my disposal for watching during early labor. :)
I bought the food for Easter Sunday (even stuff for dessert!), so I don't have to worry about that.
We have things ready: car seat installed, stuff for the birth acquired, lots of onesies, early labor playlist on the iPod.

Things not going for me: sinuses. These allergies really hurt and I can't take allergy medicine for them. I haven't lost my mucous plug yet nor have my waters broken.

But comparing those two lists, the things not going for me is pretty miniscule.

If this baby comes today, it might make Good Friday a Better Friday. Maybe we'll go for a walk for our date night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Flower Petal Dishcloth

So after I finished the baby blanket last night, I needed something quick, but interesting to knit, so I made a dishcloth. The picture is a little washed out, but it works. I finished it this morning at the laundromat.

Baby Blanket!

Here is a baby blanket! I started it last Novemeber. I finished it last night! Woohoo!

It's pretty much, stitch for stitch, this blanket. I asked McKay his opinions on color, border, etc., and he just said, "the pattern looks good." So I made the pattern. See the little hoodie? Aww...

Charlie Brown hat

This is something I finished last month but haven't posted yet. It's lime and has a yellow zigzag stripe. I have issues with lighting, so here's a few pictures in different lights and I hope you can merge them all together in your mind to get a feel for it.

The picture is kind of washed out. I'll get a better picture later.

Let's tell a story.

I like Peanuts. I like knitting. How 'bout I knit something Peanuts-y? If you were observant, you'll notice that Linus in the Charlie Brown Christmas special wears a lime green beanie.

Hey! I have some lime green that I don't know what to do with! It was going to be a sweater vest, but I gave up. Let's make a Linus hat!

So I started knitting it up, but I realized that NO ONE would connect it with Peanuts. They'd just see a lime green hat.

So I added Charlie Brown stripes in yellow. It's kind of retro, which I like. I think this may end up on etsy because I don't really have a need for another hat.

Works in Progress

Last week, I made a couple of soakers. Sure, I know they're pink and we may very well have a boy, but I don't care. The yarn was PERFECT for it. I still need to add the cuffs to the legs and make a drawstring.

Pattern Here. The one on the left is the small and the one on the right is the newborn size.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A picture

I've been promising pictures, and all I can deliver is one picture.

This is my first Pomatomus sock. The pattern is intricate, but the large stripes in the yarn show it off nicely.

Meanwhile, I'm working on Jaywalkers, the Baby A Baby Swap knitting, a baby blanket, and I just cast on a soaker.

The problem with the Baby A Baby Swap knitting is this: I can't find my stash! I hide my stash all over the house, and I've just finished a ball of yarn- I need another! I know I have another skein- I just can't find it! You'd think having a studio apartment would limit where I can look, huh? I'll find it... somehow...

Meanwhile, the dishes are done! And the house is tidy! woohoo! Now to knitting...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I know, I know

I have pictures, they just aren't up yet. And I've been doing lots of knitting. I finished my first Pomatomus sock, started my first Jaywalker, and I'm almost done with my Baby a Baby Swap knitting (but I can't show that).

My goal this week: some wool soakers, finish the Baby a Baby Swap knitting, do the dishes, write more on this blog (I have slacked lately), have a baby.

We'll see how that goes.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Big Bag Swap

This is a swap that I may or may not do: The Big Bag KAL & Swap. I'm not usually a person who carries big bags around (and I've never felted anything before), so I would usually pass up this swap. However, I've discovered that I'm very pregnant and may require something on the lines of a diaper bag in the future. This would make a GREAT bag.

I haven't decided if I want to sign up for the swap. McKay says to go ahead with it. It sounds like such a great idea, but maybe I'll just KAL with it instead. I still have 3 days to decide (and so do you!).

Monday, March 03, 2008

Early Second Sock Syndrome

I'm almost done with my first Pomatomus sock. It should be finished today. It was supposed to be done last week (well, the whole pair was), but I took the last half of the week off from knitting.

I picked up my knitting again yesterday BUT I'm already experiencing some SSS. I've already chosen my next sock pattern: Jaywalkers. Would it be bad to start my Jaywalkers and then come back to Pomatomus #2? Would it mess up my gauge?

Should I just try to knit other things and ignore my goal of 1 pair of socks a month?

And can someone help me find my straight pins? I need them to do a small sewing project...

The grocery shopping did get done, though. And tomorrow night there's SnB.

I feel like the Little Engine that Could. I have lots on my plate (approx. 7 WIPs) and I just have to bite the bullet and get it done.

And I really want to start the Jaywalkers... I'm going to use my Regia Silk Color that I got from my Scavenger Hunt Swap partner... So tempting!