Thursday, March 27, 2008


PSA here.

Because of the off and on nature of my contractions, I haven't spent much time with my knitting. Sorry.


kasiaiscarly said...

will you have that baby already?!?!

kasiaiscarly said...

ok, i commented before i read your PSA :) i was commenting in a 'you must be exhausted' sort of way, i hope you don't think i'm trying to give you any advise about how you're doing it like folks in your church might be. i just want to know what it is!!

Joe said...

Hopefully the baby will come soon and relieve you of these on and off contractions :)

I think that as long as monitoring shows a healthy baby, why not wait for nature to take it's course!!

Good luck, for labour and all :D Can't wait to see pictures!

Marigold said...

so, since there hasn't been a new post, have you had the baby yet? huh? huh? huh?