Monday, March 17, 2008

Works in Progress

Last week, I made a couple of soakers. Sure, I know they're pink and we may very well have a boy, but I don't care. The yarn was PERFECT for it. I still need to add the cuffs to the legs and make a drawstring.

Pattern Here. The one on the left is the small and the one on the right is the newborn size.

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Joe said...

lol, like I say in the event we'd have a boy rather than a girl (although unlikely by now - with all the extra ultrasounds I've been getting we've now had 4 confirmations it's a girl, and the first one is considered 97% accurate LOL) - just don't take pictures of him wearing them! haha (my mom bought about 100 pink dresses and accessories lol But they are very cute :) )