Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Premie?

A lady in our ward had a baby last week- 2 months early. The poor babe is spending her time in the NICU right now. I'd like to knit something for her, but it's going to be summer soon. What can you knit for a baby in the summer? It's too warm for the normal things!

Cozy hats and booties are out, sweaters are out, blankets are out (this is her 2nd baby, so I'm sure she already has plenty from her first). I'm pretty sure she doesn't cloth diaper, so soakers or longies are out.

I guess I could make baby socks. I do have some leftover yarn from the 5 hour sweater and tiny booties I made for my little girl... Actually, I have a lot of leftover yarn. I could probably get 2 pairs of socks in.

Goals today: Go to the park, knit. I wonder how much knitting I'll get done with a little babe around. This'll be fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Yarning

I tutor a friend in math right now and as payment, she's been giving me little baby scarves and hats that her sister uses as packaging material (knits as packaging material? new to me!) and has offered to pay for any babysitters we might need this summer.

The thing is, at the rate my babe is growing (she was 10lbs. 9 oz on Sunday), she doesn't fit the hats. So now I have all these knits and nothing to do with them...

The thrifty/eco-friendly knitter knows exactly what to do: reuse the yarn! So I'm going to be winding a few balls of yarn today. The scraps will be great for little baby collage-like clothes or for squares for an afghan. She also gave me an adult-sized scarf that could be made into longies (if I could figure out if it's wool or acrylic).

This makes me want to go to the thrift store to see if there are any wool sweaters for cheap that I can tear apart... Maybe next week. I have a busy day today.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Since the Baby

Where have I been? I've been knitting some, occasionally.

The popular 5 hour baby sweater but without the eyelets. I really liked the construction of this- very clever. The yarn is very light so we can use it as a little spring sweater for those slightly chilly days.

Cute slippers! A little big at the moment.

I also knit a little hat- I'll get a good picture of it soon.

And here's Margaret wearing the little soaker I made. It's a little snug because she's now 10lbs and it's sized for a newborn (which she is- she's just a big newborn).

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


For those of you who didn't know already, I had my baby! The birth story is here and the first few days of pictures are here.

I will get some knitting done at some point, I promise.