Monday, April 28, 2008

Summer Premie?

A lady in our ward had a baby last week- 2 months early. The poor babe is spending her time in the NICU right now. I'd like to knit something for her, but it's going to be summer soon. What can you knit for a baby in the summer? It's too warm for the normal things!

Cozy hats and booties are out, sweaters are out, blankets are out (this is her 2nd baby, so I'm sure she already has plenty from her first). I'm pretty sure she doesn't cloth diaper, so soakers or longies are out.

I guess I could make baby socks. I do have some leftover yarn from the 5 hour sweater and tiny booties I made for my little girl... Actually, I have a lot of leftover yarn. I could probably get 2 pairs of socks in.

Goals today: Go to the park, knit. I wonder how much knitting I'll get done with a little babe around. This'll be fun!


Summers Camp said...

Yeah, socks are always good, no matter the season. *B

Leeduck said...

A preemie may well need hats even in the summer. My best friend's son was two months early (born in August) and I knit him quite a few hats. When he was still in the NICU, I knit them out of the Lionbrand microfiber yarn.

Preemie heads are so tiny.

I hope she gets all the help she needs, having a preemie is so hard, espcially if mom had health issues too.