Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adventures in sewing

I love knitting, but I've decided I need to branch out in the world of crafts. I want to get my etsy shop up and rolling and I don't want to confine it to knits. So, I've been practicing other crafts. Here's my sewing showcase:

I made a little apron for Margaret. She'll get to use it when she's older. It has a pocket!

And a bow!

And because I need to be more thrifty and environmentally friendly, I used the scraps, some leftover fleece from a Christmas craft, and terry cloth to make some nursing pads.
I made 3 pairs and last week at the family reunion, I wore them. They work like a charm! (I have quite the overactive letdown- it's more of a hyperactive letdown.)

Anyway, because I'd like to make things from scraps and thriftstore goodies, I'm going to venture out and try new crafts. I'm still knitting (in fact my head has been spinning with knitting ideas and patterns- I just need to finish them!)

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QueenMeadow said...

I love kids aprons, so cute! My friend's mom made her kids some chef's hats too, just in case you wanted another project ;).

I'm thinking I need to hit the thrift store soon, to find things to repurpose and maybe sell for some extra cash, hmm...