Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting back on

Ok. Knitting. I've been knitting. Knitting knitting.

I'm currently finishing up a dress for someone's daughter who I met online in the UC forums. It'll be cute. Cute Cute Cute. If it turns out as great as I think it will, I'll be making one for Margaret!

I'm also working on a doll for Margaret (out of some beautiful organic cotton yarn!), but it's on hold for that dress.

I'm also going to the store to get some fun fur.


Yeah. Fun Fur. I know, I know. Not a knitter's ideal yarn, but it's for a good cause. There's a little girl with leukemia- I think she's 2. And I want to make her one of these hats. It'll be purple. Oh man. I want a purple hair hat!

And I might be commissioned to make some breasts. There's a lady in the area who teaches about breastfeeding and she needs some knitted breasts. I love breastfeeding and I love knitting. This is going to be fun.

So conclusion? I'm in my groove again. In fact, our ward now has a yarn enrichment group: for knitting, crocheting, spinning.

And for those of you in Utah Valley that were at the SnB last night- I really would have gone, except it was my anniversary. Sorry!

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