Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Knitting is magic. Taking string and turning it into something useful= magic.

And those of you in the knitting realm might know also that wool is magic. Very magic.

The amazing properties of wool are summarized at the wikipedia article.

But the properties of wool that are most attractive to me right now include:
  • wicks away moisture
  • feels dry even when somewhat wet.p
  • flame-resisitant
  • odor-resistant
Yes. I'm making longies.

I don't know why I didn't jump on the longer and soaker bandwagon earlier. Well, I knit soakers, but I didn't use them as soakers. It's great. I only have to wash them when they get smelly- although McKay tells me they're always smelly. McKay, wool smelling like wool isn't smelly. Wool smelling like urine is. :)

And lanolizing them is a much easier process than I imagined. I have a spray-on lanolin that I bought at Target*, of all places. Hmm... I have some Target gift cards I need to use...

It's great! Everytime I change I diaper, I switch out the longie/soaker and let the other one air out. I can then re-use the aired-out one later without having to wash it! Woohoo!

Plus, I can use up some stash.

Right now I'm making Knitty's Juju with some Paton's Merino that I got on clearance last year. I have a picture, but the computer with the picture on it is indisposed right now.

*Although Targaret may seem less evil than Walmart on the outside, they have a really really really pathetic return policy (must have receipt and you must exchange for something in the same department- bleh!). I'm not a big fan of businesses that aren't customer friendly, but that's just me.


miabean said...

I am obsessed with wool too!

Tamsin said...

I really like that you wrote "Targaret" instead of "Target". That makes me happy :)

TopHat said...

I didn't see that! I just write Margaret so often, my fingers go into autopilot! hahaha