Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Here are some of my current works in progress.

Sally the Eco Fairy needs hair and a face, maybe ears, maybe wings on her dress.

This will, believe it or not, become fish net stockings. Yes they're brown, but I have a vision for this and you all will have to trust me.

And this is my poor, sad Baby Surprise Jacket. I'm definitely running out of yarn. I love the colors, though. It's called "Snoopy's Crayons." Once upon a time I used to hate variegated yarn. I coming to love it due to a pooling thread on Ravelry. I wanted to take a picture to prove that I worked hard all of Conference weekend. And now I'm going to frog it and try it on smaller needles. If that doesn't succeed I'm going to have to find a new pattern for this yarn. I no longer have the card for the dye lot and this yarn is like $35/skein, so buying more is a little much for me.

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Lynda said...

Love the eco fairy so far - can't wait to see it finished.
Fishnet stockings ...