Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

So I'm thinking of joining Hat Wars. McKay and I's chat:

12:11 PM McKay: hat wars?
me: Yes. it's a knitting game. Everyone signs up and sends a hat to someone else. If you get a hat before you finish yours, you die
12:12 PM Last person standing gets a $300 prize
overnight mail isn't allowed
and everyone uses the same pattern
to make it fair
sounds like fun!
McKay: but you'll be the first to die
me: but I'd have to pay $3 to sign up
no I won't!
12:13 PM McKay: I love you, but you can take a while to finish a project

It's reassuring I have his confidence behind me. But he's right- at the rate I'm posting FOs here, you'd think I'm the slowest knitter in the world. I'm actually NOT slow- I'm just very easily distracted. Plus this summer has been the Summer of Frogging Doom. So many projects are taking long because I've had to frog and re-knit them multiple times. Plus I've tried my hand a sewing a bit.

See? Cool Pillowcase for Margaret. She kept wanting McKay's pillow, so I thought she'd like a pillow of her own. This is actually my old pillow with a brand-new spanking pillowcase, obviously the pinnacle of difficult sewing.
Of course she still steals McKay's pillow when we go to bed.

The BSJ. So I frogged this a couple of times earlier this year. I have restarted it and there are 3 obvious errors in it, but I think they're only obvious to me. I've been working on this since Saturday. I've changed needle sizes in hopes it'll help me preserve yarn and not run out this time.

And I've been working on my fishnets. Yes, they look like hobo fishnets. Don't worry, they'll be so cool when they're done (or so I tell myself).

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