Saturday, August 22, 2009


Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket
Yarn: Schaefer's Elaine in Snoopy's Crayons
This sweater came about because (back in April) I wanted to knit a BSJ and I wanted yarn called "Snoopy's Crayons." Elaine is a bulky weight yarn, so I thought it would make my BSJ a good size for Margaret. The first time I started working it, I was using size 10 needles- and I ran out of yarn right before the short rows.
Well, go get more! Unfortunately, I bought the last skein the store had and in the small time where I wound the ball from the skein, I lost the tag which had the dye lot on. I was kind of stuck and still determined to get a BSJ out of this.

So I started again with size 6 needles. Yes, I knit this up: bulky weight yarn in size 6. The idea was to conserve yarn by knitting tighter. An oh boy, was it tight. I think I need to get a hand massage. Unfortunately, my circulars snapped at the base where the needle and nylon/plasticy part meet. So it was put on hold for a long time.
Last Saturday, I tried again with NEW circulars. And so I went, knitting along until on Monday the bamboo snapped. Lovely. I switched to some old metal straights- it was tight, but no more breaking. So I finished last night, seamed it up, put buttons on, all with 6 inches of yarn leftover.
And unfortunately Margaret is too chubby for it. Sigh. Maybe it'll fit a future child.


Joe said...

lol, ths BSJ saga :)

It's lovely, though!! Love the name for it :D

Brad and Hailey said...

Aww I'm sorry she grew too fast to wear it! Like you said though, now you're ready for the next one ;) I love the sweater, it looks great!

funkyhan said...

So cool!! I love the pattern AND the yarn!