Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FO: Mrs. Beeton

This was for the Spoil Mum Swap. Years ago when I stashed the fuzzy yarn, I knew that some day it would be a Mrs. Beeton. I just needed the right contrasting yarn. Then when I joined the Spoil Mum Swap, my partner mentioned she liked green. Ok. So I pretty much had to make these.

So I bought some green yarn. It was PERFECT. Then I went to another store and bought a different green yarn- less perfect, but on clearance. So I started that project with the clearance yarn. And I knit a whole wristlet before discovering I didn't have enough of that green yarn and the store is all the way up in downtown Salt Lake. So I frogged it.

And I started again with the green I originally bought. I doubled up and knit the fuzzy yarn with two strands. I finished another wristlet to discover that the fuzzy part was too thick. So I frogged it again.

At this point I was running late on the swap deadline, so I pushed through and finished the wristlets without doubling up the fuzzy yarn, BUT doubling up the green yarn. Perfect.

I couldn't get a picture of both of the wristlets together because I needed my other hand for holding the camera, but there is a picture from my swappee here. I'm quite jealous of how they turned out and I'm thinking I'll make myself some. I still have a lot of that fuzzy yarn.

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