Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ruffle-butt Soaker

So I've been working all summer on this. And it's done! I've had to frog and knit this 3 times over. It's been crazy.
Yarn: Lamb's Pride in Creamsicle.
Pattern: Punk Knitter's Soaker (if you go there, ignore the adult content warning. The pattern page is SFW)

I've used this pattern before and liked it. The only thing I struggle with is the size of the leg openings. Margaret is a chunky toddler and the holes are kind of tight- this is why I didn't make any cuffs.

It took me a while to get the ruffles right. Lots of frogging there. I love that it's "frilly" with ruffles but it's in a non-frilly color.


alisaterry said...

Hurray! Finally done! She looks like she has a poofy tail.

Joe said...

Love it!! This is so cute :)
I shall have to make one...