Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair

Yesterday morning I dropped McKay off at school and headed up to Sandy for the Great Basin Fiber Arts Fair. When I got there, I put Margaret in the Mei Tai and headed out. My goals were to find yarn for my hat wars weapon. The person I am assigned to kill says she likes fall colors.

When I got there, I realized I had $5 in my wallet and that was it. This was not a good revelation and so I needed to find an ATM. Because I didn't feel like paying fees and such, I called GOOG411 to find our bank. The trip to and from the bank took a good half hour because of traffic and construction. Also, on the way home, I passed a bank that was closer. ARG.

Anyway, I got back to the fair and looked around. There were lots of autumn-y yarns, but most of them were sock yarns. Hat Wars requires worsted weight. I was lucky and found one skein that fit that description:

There were so many fibers. Lots of fleece and roving. I don't spin- where would we put a spinning wheel? Also, I already have one expensive hobby. I don't need two. Unfortunately my resolve about that was a little lacking. Some of the fleece is from Blue Moon Ranch alpacas.
I was also very much tempted by the pretty stitch markers there. I didn't own any pretty stitch markers- I've always used paper clips or safety pins. I bought these from The Sassy Sheep. They were very nice and their colorways were bright and beautiful- right up my alley, but I held back.

I also bought some soap from Nelson Wool Works. The handwoven towels were so beautiful. They also gave me some of that fleece you saw above as practice fleece- for FREE!

I think I was pretty judicious in my purchases. I really could have spent more there, but I didn't let myself. :)

Margaret left the fair with a couple of knitted bracelets, but I haven't taken a picture of them.

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