Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hat Wars

Remember when McKay thought I wouldn't be able to do Hat Wars? Proved him wrong!

The patterns were up yesterday, but I forgot about it until 10 in the morning- 12 hours after they posted them! Already on Ravelry people were posting that they were done! I was behind!

So I knit and knit and knit and knit. Breaks were allowed for library story time, food, and sleep. I finished it this morning and it's at the post office ready for my victim.

Pattern: Isotope by Tonya Wagner who was in the Baby A Baby Swap!
Yarn: Handspun Wool and Kid Mohair from the Great Basin Fiber Arts Festival
The yarn had long color repeats, so the hat striped. I was really worried- I only had about 3 feet of yarn left over and no way to get a second skein. Fate decided to look kindly on me today.

Here's my "An evil assassin? Innocent me?" pose. I made the sympathy card- see the sheep has a top hat!
The card informs Mother of Purl that she has died, but offers the consolation that she has a pretty awesome hat in the colors she requested.

Now I wait. When will I die? My assassin is in North Dakota... Please spare me a little while longer!


Holly said...

I really like the way this turned out! Good luck not getting assasinated!

denyse said...

I decided that Sept. 18th was Saturday so I didn't expect to see the patterns there on Friday! I, too, got a late start. You lucked out, TopHat! I've sent you an email - let me know how much detail you want about the weapon that is made just for you! LOL Fiberbrarian