Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toddler Legwarmers

On Monday I took Margaret to the park nice and early and it was chilly. I put her knee high socks on her, but I made mental note to knit her some leggings. Then on Tuesday I was at the dollar store (which is magically only 88 cents on Tuesdays) and I saw these tube socks. I bought 3 pairs to turn into leggings. Knitting would take longer and it's chilly NOW!

I cut off the heel and toe of each sock.

I took the tube of foot and folded it up on itself (right-side-out) into a tube with the two raw edges meeting each other. This became the bottom band. I lined this mini tube with the raw edge of the leg part, also right-side-out and sewed them together.

So you are sewing through 3 layers of fabric. I sewed around once and called it good. When you flip the foot band over, you get leggings.

Here is Margaret wearing the gray ones. I told her to "say cheese" so here she is saying and signing "cheese."

There is a lot of fabric on these- if they last, she will get quite tall before growing out of them. I think I might buy some more socks next week to make into leggings to store up for when she wears these out.

I'll probably put these on Margaret under her dresses at church. Ans since she usually runs around the house naked bottomed- her legs will stay warm!


Brad and Hailey said...

Great job with the leggings, I am definitly going to have to try that! :)

Holly said...

That is a super idea! And timesaving to boot!