Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I'll share a couple of WIPs today. Now that I've finished my Pomatomus, BSJ, and a few others, I'm torn between finishing up all the rest of my WIPs and starting something new. It's a great feeling to have your WIPs all completed, but there's a startitis bug trying to catch me. This weekend I came into the ownership of 2 garbage bags full of yarn. Graned, it's mostly Red Heart, but it really makes me want to start new projects. I spent some time on Saturday going through Ravelry to find, heart, and queue knitted toy projects. I'm very excited for those!
But I do have a couple of WIPs like my fish nets which are on hold because messed up 5 inches ago and I'm not in the mood to frog back that far at the moment.

I also have this scarf for McKay. He wanted one and picked out the pattern on Ravelry himself. It's gray and dark gray. Yes, the epitome of sunshine and rainbows.

When I went on the Yarn Quest in July, one of the yarn stores was doing a KAL for Christmas. They were making an advent calendar of 24 tiny socks. I thought it was cute and I have some spare sock yarn leftover from old socks, so I think I will do this on my own. Here are my first two socks made from leftover yarn from my Jaywalkers
Now that I've finished Pomatomus, I have a lot of leftover sock yarn to turn into little socks for this!

In the meantime, I got the name of the person I need to kill in Hat Wars! Unfortunately she's not on Ravelry as far as I could tell (and I have mad stalker skills). Sad.


Joe said...

That's funny - I tried googling that advent calendar to find out more, and this post comes out 2nd! :)

Do you have a link for that? It sounds like fun! I also have a friend who was looking for ideas to make advent calendar ;-)

TopHat said...

Joe- I tried looking for it on Ravelry and I searched for the store on Ravelry to see if people who frequent it had it in their projects, but I couldn't find anything. Alas! I'm using this mini-sock pattern:

The sample in the store had little tags kind of like these ( with numbers on them for the calendar aspect. The socks were all attached on to a braided string with some sort of clip. I'm thinking of using tiny clothes pins. I know I've seen them somewhere!