Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby sweater set

So I remembered this morning that I never posted pictures of this project!
This was done in June and I didn't post pictures because it was a gift and I know that person reads this blog, so I had to be all discreet and not post about it.Then I forgot completely about it! Have I ever said the lighting in our house sucks? It does. You can see my various attempts to use flash or change camera settings to get rid of the yellow in the pictures below.

Yarn: Omega Bebe Tamm in Rosa Tenue
Sweater Pattern: Peachy Baby Sweater. I used a lace pattern from The Knitter's Bible.

For the booties, I used the same lace pattern and a sock pattern that I made up.

For the bonnet, I used that lace pattern yet again and modified some bonnet pattern. I don't remember which one.

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Brad and Hailey said...

Wow that's beautiful! Great job!