Monday, October 19, 2009

A Dress for Margaret

Last week I repurposed this shirt into a dress for Margaret.

I bought that shirt at DI when I was in college because it looks good with ties and I look good with ties. Ugly ties. There's nothing quite like walking around wearing an ugly tie. "Ha! I can look hot in an ugly tie. Let's see you do that!"

Anyway, it's and old shirt and after having Margaret, it doesn't fit around the bust anymore so I made it into a dress.

The band isn't permanently attached to it yet. I want to use a tie as a band and tie it in back like a tie. I thought that would be cute, but it needs to be detachable so I can wash it. Ties and shirts can't be washed the same.

I still have the sleeves from the shirt at my disposal. I think I want to make them into bloomers. This dress is really lightweight, so it isn't really the season for it, so she won't get to wear it much until the spring. I'll get some better pictures of it later. The back of the dress is the front of the shirt with all the buttons going down.

The legwarmers on her arms are some that I made. I found some cool stripey socks at the dollar store and decided to turn those into legwarmers like the other ones. She seems to go through them a lot, so having 10 pairs will be handy.


funkyhan said...

Brilliant!! I have a huge pile of old clothes that I was going to just get rid of, but perhaps I should try to do something like this (when I have more time to do sewing I mean) You are so clever dude! I wish I could transport you (and Margaret) here for a few hours every month to inspire me some more :)

Do you tend to use any patterns for this sort of thing, or is it just on the fly? If so, are you able to do this because you have sewing practice making other garments? I'd love to make things for my little ladies, but I have no clue where to start!

Oh -- do you know any good patterns (free or for sale) for a baby/child night dress ?

I'm also looking for a really pretty dishcloth pattern for quick christmas pressies... what do you think?

sorry, my comment has turned into an essay... All I really wanted to say is, IT LOOKS GREAT - WELL DONE!

Lo Christine said...

too cute! what a great idea:)