Friday, November 06, 2009

Blue Backpack

On Tuesdays, we go to a friend's house to play and to do our laundry. The last two times we were there, Margaret found a little dog-shaped backpack and refused to take it off (tears ensued when we had to leave).

So I decided to make Margaret a backpack. Her favorite color is blue, and I had this blue-ish yarn on hand, so I made this. I found the pattern in a book at the library. I don't normally check childrens' knitting books out, but it's not like Vogue Knitting has patterns for backpacks, you know?

Pattern: Bright and Beautiful Backpack from The Kids' Knitting Notebook by Cindy Craig
Yarn: Red Heart worsted in Blueberry Pie

Flap up:
Flap Down:

The pattern calls for bulky yarn and I used worsted. This made it a little smaller to fit Margaret, thought it's still pretty big for her.

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Brad and Hailey said...

What a great idea!