Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tarn and Tissues

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In our attempt to waste less, I've been cutting T-shirts up into yarn, or "tarn." I don't increase my yarn stash without a project in mind, so it will definitely become something in the (hopefully near) future.

On the left and in back, you can see cakes of tarn. The orange tarn isn't wound yet.

When making tarn, you don't use the yoke and sleeves of the shirt. I cut the unused yokes and sleeves into "squares" of tissue. That blue bag is actually a tissue box cover that my high school AP chemistry teacher made for her students as a "going away to college" present. Instead of using boxes of tissues, I'm stuffing the new cloth tissues into it.

While I'm not "looking forward" to the next time a cold runs through the house, I'm excited to use our tissues. They are fairly soft, won't fall apart, and are reusable! Plus it'll be cheaper than buying tissues. Yes, we'll have to wash them, but I can sanitize them with the diapers and they won't take up that much space in the wash.

This is part of my ultimate plan to switch to family cloth. Slowly and surely we will get there.


Summers Camp said...

I had this crazy idea of making cloth tissues, too. I say crazy because it isn't exactly for a good cause (aka. less waste), haha. But I realized that Elsie has so much fun with the boxes of tissues and wipes, so I thought maybe a box of fabric tissues would be a fun and tactile toy. We'll see if that idea ever comes to life... *B

Lynda said...

I'm making a bathroom mat with cut up t-shirts ;0)

Joe said...

Oh, that's a cake - LOL I had never heard that before! We always just referred to it as "balls" or "winded balls" ;-)

I've read before of someone doing that with grocery bags. And then knitting a more "reusable" one with it! He did have a disclaimer to NOT go get new bags just for that purpose ;-)