Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lemons and Limes

Pattern: Lemonlime
Yarn: Some Red Heart acrylic I had on hand.

This was very fast. I made sure to knit the limes tighter so that they would be smaller than the lemons and more true to real life.

About the pattern: it doesn't specify this, but it is knit in the round.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Dress for Margaret

Last week I repurposed this shirt into a dress for Margaret.

I bought that shirt at DI when I was in college because it looks good with ties and I look good with ties. Ugly ties. There's nothing quite like walking around wearing an ugly tie. "Ha! I can look hot in an ugly tie. Let's see you do that!"

Anyway, it's and old shirt and after having Margaret, it doesn't fit around the bust anymore so I made it into a dress.

The band isn't permanently attached to it yet. I want to use a tie as a band and tie it in back like a tie. I thought that would be cute, but it needs to be detachable so I can wash it. Ties and shirts can't be washed the same.

I still have the sleeves from the shirt at my disposal. I think I want to make them into bloomers. This dress is really lightweight, so it isn't really the season for it, so she won't get to wear it much until the spring. I'll get some better pictures of it later. The back of the dress is the front of the shirt with all the buttons going down.

The legwarmers on her arms are some that I made. I found some cool stripey socks at the dollar store and decided to turn those into legwarmers like the other ones. She seems to go through them a lot, so having 10 pairs will be handy.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Holiday Planning

This post is really so I can organize my knitting for the holidays.

On the Go project:
Twisted Flower Socks- it's a frivolous project just for myself with no deadline. Really, I should ignore it until I get all the other knitting done, but it's small and portable

Need for Winter:
Basket to keep by the door to hold our winter clothes (hats, mittens, scarves, etc)
McKay's scarf needs blocking
Need to finish McKay's fingerless gloves
My fishnets
Make Margaret felted boots? Mittens? Hat?

Need by Thanksgiving:
Knitted gifts for Mandi's kids.

Need for Christmas:
Our stockings
Hat and jacket for Margaret's doll

I might need to knit more breasts- not sure. Need to email about that.

Quick knitting for when I'm bored: fruits and vegetables, maybe little birds and other stuffed animals. I have A LOT of stash to use up.

And I'd like to photograph my stash for Ravelry. I think. Maybe. Any Ravelers out there use that feature? Is it helpful or just extra work?

Also, I sewed Margaret a dress the other day. I need to get photos of it. I also have 4 more legwarmers to sew for her.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby sweater set

So I remembered this morning that I never posted pictures of this project!
This was done in June and I didn't post pictures because it was a gift and I know that person reads this blog, so I had to be all discreet and not post about it.Then I forgot completely about it! Have I ever said the lighting in our house sucks? It does. You can see my various attempts to use flash or change camera settings to get rid of the yellow in the pictures below.

Yarn: Omega Bebe Tamm in Rosa Tenue
Sweater Pattern: Peachy Baby Sweater. I used a lace pattern from The Knitter's Bible.

For the booties, I used the same lace pattern and a sock pattern that I made up.

For the bonnet, I used that lace pattern yet again and modified some bonnet pattern. I don't remember which one.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Conference Projects

This weekend I finished knitting McKay's scarf. That will get its own post and pictures when I get a chance to take pictures of him wearing it.

Then I worked on turning some old t-shirts into tarn (t-shirt yarn). Here's one skein. The leftovers from the shirt were turned into cloths for nose-wiping this winter.
I also started a new pair of socks.

FO: Kanoko

Pattern: Kanoko Pants
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in Burgundy

Before weaving in ends, finishing the waistband and sewing up crotch:

I finished these pants last Tuesday. They were originally going to be warm pants for the winter, but then they ended up a bit short. I considered adding more length, but decided against it when they were tried on a friend's 4 year old. They make great shorts. Margaret can wear these flood pants inside this winter and as shorts next summer. I think they'll make great bloomers under a dress.

I plan on lanolizing them so I can use them as longies/shorties. As Margaret gets better as signaling to use the potty, I'll start putting training panties on her and have these over them.

And as you see, Margaret looks like she's teething they way she's gnawing on her fingers. I felt for teeth, but didn't notice any new ones. She has all her teeth except for her 2 year old molars.