Monday, December 27, 2010

Hair bow holder

For Christmas I made Margaret this hair bow holder. The hat is way too big for the craft, but it was the smallest at the store. I think I'll look for a smaller one and re-do it in the future.

The braids are some acrylic yarn and the bows are all her hair bows. Definitely need a smaller hat.

Monday, December 13, 2010

I've spent all day trying to upload a video of me using my new swift, but I haven't succeeded in that endeavor quite yet. Just know I got a swift for my birthday and it is awesome.

FO: Isaac's Stocking

Not the best picture, but just wanted to get it up here. When I finish all the stockings, I'll do a group shot. I knit looser in order to keep the color work from bunching, but the result was that I got a bigger gauge and Isaac's stocking is a couple of inches bigger than Margaret's. I wonder if I should go back to the original gauge for mine and McKay's or stick with this bigger gauge.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

M&M Challenge- Upcycled Wreath

Our next prompt was: paint, markers, and wire.

I do not have a steady hand when it comes to drawing or painting, so I was a little concerned about this challenge. But then I thought, "What if I take this literally and use markers/paint in the craft?"

Immediately this came to my head. And so I made it.

I had to find a whole ton of green utensils, so I went to the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse and bought them from there. They sell these things by the pound, and I bought 2 pounds worth. Wire is used to hang it up, and I'm pretty sure there's a couple of paint pens in there, so it's all good.

Please vote for me!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


There was an issue with the original vote post, so The Perfect Pear Pair re-blogged it and the new link is here. If you want to vote for me, I made the car drawstring bag (#8!).


M&M Challenge- Car Bag

I didn't get any points for my tiny sled, even though, in the comments, people said it was a really awesome idea. Sigh.

But voting for the next project is today, so you should go comment about how awesome my car bag is and vote for it. Because it's awesome.

Margaret has a few matchbox cars and they are small and tend to get lost, so I had been planning on knitting her a bag for them- and use duplicate stitch to put a car on it so she would know what belongs in the bag.

But I hadn't gotten around to it, so when the craft challenge gave the prompt of fabric, buttons, and ribbon, I decided to make her a bag for her cars.

The car is an applique that I made myself. I had never done one before! And the wheels are buttons. I think it's cute. Vote for me.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

FO: Crown

Yarn: Red Heart Supersaver
Margaret has missed the princess craze, but instead, runs around the house pretending to be a queen. I thought a dress up crown was needed, I showed her this pattern and let her pick out the yarn. Her favorite color is blue, so that's what she chose. The sequin flowers are buttons that I threaded and placed on the yarn like you would beads.
When she put it on her head, she ran to find her book with a picture of Queen Elizabeth II and smiled and said the Queen was happy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

M&M Challenge- Tiny Sled

This is a tiny sled. I made it for the Mix n Match Craft Challenge (see sidebar). For round one, we were given yarn, paperclips, and glitter as prompts. I came up with a tiny sled. The runners are paperclips bent into shape. There is glitter glue on the runners to look like snow. Can you tell?)

The penny is used for sizing it. It's tiny!
There is still time to sign up for the challenge- you can sign up any time during it. I was so nervous- the first challenge was really difficult and I didn't feel very creative, but I tried. I ended up using only the things that were required, but that's only because I had no idea what else to do! I also hope that my inability to photograph my project doesn't count against me!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

FO: Frog

Pattern: Ribbit
Yarn: Red Heart Kids in Lime
Notes on my Ravelry page.

Monday, November 15, 2010

FO: Milk and Cookies

Pattern: Milk & Cookies
Yarn: More Red Heart- still trying to use it up

The milk carton's shape is preserved using cardboard I cut up that was going to be put in the recycling anyway.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I've tried to make Margaret some socks out of the leftover yearn from my pair. They should match mine, but I'm not sure if I have enough yarn. I might frog it and start over making the neck of the socks shorter.

Yesterday when I felt like starting another project, I used a random number generator to pick a project from my Ravelry queue and now I'm working on this:

And I went to Article Pract yesterday with a friend for the first time and bought the pattern and yarn for my church slippers.

FO: Margaret's Stocking

Pattern: Falling Snow Stocking
Yarn: Encore Worsted

I really like the Latvian braid at the top:
I need to figure out which color of off-white I used. I can't find the label and I need to buy more in order to do the rest of the stockings.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Inside Out

I've gotten further on the stocking. Want to see?

I'm knitting it inside out so that the strands will be long enough to keep the fabric from bunching. Of course, it means I can't see what it looks like unless I flip it back around.

I turned the heel last night and I'm doing the gusset! I'm going to need to buy more off-white for the rest of our stockings so I might not be able to forge ahead onto Isaac's as soon as I finish Margaret's.

Monday, October 25, 2010

FO: Blessing Outfit

Pattern: Boy's Christening Romper and Tam
Yarn: Red Heart Baby Soft and Red Heart Soft in white

Ok, so this yarn is acrylic and not heirloom quality, but I'm a fan of being able to wash things that might get pooped and spit up on. Luckily, neither of those scenarios happened. This was also stash-busting. I NEED TO FINISH UP THIS ACRYLIC!!

Ran out of the DK weight once I was done with the romper, so the hat is in worsted. I didn't do the booties in the pattern. The pattern had a lot of mistakes, so I had to edit it a lot- edits are on my Ravelry project page. I learned how to do pleats and that was fun.

He looks handsome in it.

FO: Blue Bunny

What was that blue tube from the last post?

Pattern: Bunny Balloon Animal
Yarn: Red Heart Kids

I think we're done with baby showers in our ward for a while. Phew! I need personal knitting time!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

On the Needles

Remember Margaret's stocking? I had to frog it and start over because the stranding was too tight and making it bunch up. McKay reminded me that for the stockings I did for Beth, I knit them inside out to keep the stranding from bunching. When he said that I was like "Duh!" He's a better knitter than I am! So we're back to casting on:

I'm still missing a dpn and that's why a circular is in that mess. I bought a new set of dpns on Tuesday, so my make-shift circ-as-dpn attempt can end. Yay!

Here's a sneak peek of the baby shower gift I'm now working on. Any guesses? Unfortunately, I can't go to the shower because my family will be in town this weekend for Isaac's blessing. I need to finish this by tomorrow so I can drop it off at the host's home early.

FO: Book Bag

Pattern: Barn Bag
Yarn: Peaches N Creme Ombres in Peppermint
We have a set of ten little board books. They came in a cardboard box which got torn. We recycled that, but I felt that we needed a good way to keep them together. So I knit a bag.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

FO: Summer Skirt

Pattern: Sawtooth Skirt
Yarn: Second Time Cotton in brick

I started this skirt in May when I took a class from the designer. At the time I was very pregnant, so I waited until I had a waist again to put the elastic in.
It isn't really this orange. It's a red brick color. I'll try to get better pictures in the future.

Sewing Fail

I once bought a bunch of handkerchiefs at the dollar store thinking, "I'm sure I can make these into something." Then I came across this tutorial for bandanas and thought, "Hmm... If I make this from my handkerchiefs, it'll fit Margaret!"

Um. Yeah. No.

I made three shirts. They look nice in pictures- minus my inability to get the colors to look correct.

But once on her, they are too tight around her toddler tummy.

I still have 4 unused handkerchiefs. I think I'll make them into a skirt to make up for this fail.

Monday, October 11, 2010

FO: Oakland Hat

I'm calling this my Oakland hat because I made it in Oakland. My creativity astounds me.

Pattern: Asminah's hat
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden color 293

I made this hat because I couldn't find my needle to work on Margaret's stocking (which is getting frogged and re-knit, by the way) and I wanted to knit something. So I took this stash yarn and made a hat. I worked on it Friday afternoon and them Saturday evening. And then it was done!


Monday, October 04, 2010

FO: More Fish

This weekend, I made 4 of my Tropical Bath Fish (link to pattern is on my right sidebar).

Yarn: Kertzer CoolSpun Cotton in Fiesta

The biggest hurdle in making these was going out and getting the ping pong balls. I now have extra ping pong balls in my stash, though, so I should be good for any quick requests.

I also finished seaming up the blessing outfit and weaving in ends for everything except the collar. I need to knit the collar on, weave those couple of ends in and sew on 3 buttons and it'll be done!

As for Margaret's stocking, it's on hold because I lost one of my dpns! ARG!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Gave In

And started the Christmas stockings. I was trying to wait until the blessing outfit is completely done, but I was getting bored with that project and needed to change things up.

Here's the blessing outfit. I added the first sleeve during visiting teaching today. I need to seam up and add the second sleeve and then seam up the legs. Once all of that is done, I'll pick up stitches around the neck and knit the collar. I don't think I'll have enough yarn to do the tam that is included in the pattern. Maybe I'll do it in a different yarn. I think the tam is cute.

And here's the beginning of Margaret's stocking. I learned the Latvian plait technique for the top. I like it.

I wanted to knit her name into the stocking, but her name is just too long. I think I'll just skip the names for that reason. I, myself, have a long name that won't fit either. All of our stockings will be the same pattern, but the main color will differ. Margaret's is blue, McKay's is green, mine is purple, and I think I'll make Isaac's red. I have to buy yarn for Isaac's still. I'm doing the kids' stockings first because McKay and I have ours from growing up. That way, if I don't finish all four before Christmas, the world won't end. It's hard to knit knowing that the fate of the world is in my hands. Such pressure!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Alphabet Magnets

My friend, MarfMom is hosting a Winter Crafts Carnival and I thought I'd join. My craft isn't finished, but you'll get the picture.

I wanted a craft that was cheap. I used felt and embroidery thread from the dollar store and those old magnets that come with your phone book. You know, these:
First, I cut letters out of the felt. They are about 2 inches tall.

Then, I blanket stitched around the edges:
When I finish with that, I'll cut out bits of those magnets and glue them on the back of these letters and stick them on the fridge.

I cut out the entire alphabet and then extras so we can spell our kids' names. You need two Rs for Margaret, of course!

The blanket stitch does take some time, but if you do one letter a day, you'll definitely be done by Christmas! And it's a good project for those rainy autumn days or while watching a movie. Plus it's small and portable.