Thursday, January 21, 2010


Margaret can't say "elephant" so she calls this little one "Fonty."

Pattern: Elefante
Yarn: Acrylic scraps, mostly Red Heart

I made this elephant because Margaret loves her Duplo ones and has insisted on sleeping with them a few times. Obviously this is uncomfortable for me, so I made her a soft squishy one.

The colors are the same (approximately) as the ones in the pattern. I had a tighter gauge because I used slightly smaller needles- 3s instead of 4s- and because I knit toys tightly to make sure stuffing stays inside. Hence mine has more stripes.

It was a nice pattern, though I had to experiment when attaching the head.

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funkyhan said...

oooh, he's cute! the striping looks great! I do the same with toys - nice and tight! I find the head attachment difficult...