Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rainbow Moonbeam the Sheep

In my attempt to use up all the acrylic I've been gifted over the years, I present to you: Rainbow Moonbeam the Sheep.

Yarn: Red Heart Multicolor SuperSaver in Starbrights and Red Heart Kids Solids in Blue
Pattern: Sheep Toy from The Knitter's Bible

I got to learn the looped knitting technique. It took so long and I can't imagine needing the technique ever again, but who knows?

The pattern has some mistakes, but the errata can be found here.
I was hoping the loops would prevent pooling, but unfortunately you can see Rainbow has a rainbow clown wig on, apparently.

I stuffed it with some fluff and some of the scrap fabric from cutting up the tarn. It means it's slightly heavier than expected, but it means less stuff in the landfills.


Lynda said...

So cute ;0)

Mommy Bee said...

oh I am in love!! I may need to learn the loopy thing so I can make one too. Wow. Awesome!!

funkyhan said...

ooooh!! I want one for me... I mean the girls :D