Sunday, February 07, 2010

Twisted Flower Socks

Pattern: Twisted Flower Socks
Yarn: Something sock weight

Both the yarn and the pattern were gifted to me through a swap. The yarn was a dream to work with- the gifter said they were dyed by someone she knew, so it's one of a kind. Overall, the pattern was too busy for the yarn and if I make this sock pattern again, I'll use a solid color or a color less color-changey.

It was a beautiful pattern though. I started it back in October and got all but the heel turn and foot of the second sock finished before Christmas. Christmas knitting took precedence and this week I finished the rest.

I made the medium size because my feet are very wide and just shortened the foot- because my feet are very short. I'm a 6 wide. I'd probably be a double wide if they made that size for women.

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